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Developing a successful financial strategy requires a thorough and careful examination of every facet of your life. Kluge Financial Group employs a highly disciplined, multi-step process that equips our team to understand you and what you want to accomplish. During our initial conversations, we explore your objectives. We talk about your dreams, aspirations, and financial goals. You paint for us the vision of your future and how you’d like to use your finances to accomplish your objectives.

We may prompt you during our conversations so that we can better gauge your risk tolerance, your level of financial knowledge, and other elements of personality. We use the information we collect from our analysis to begin construction of the wealth management framework to get you to your destination.

Following our initial meetings, we begin assembling your strategy using a variety of investment approaches and financial models, and tailor them to suit your unique situation and life journey. The strategy will incorporate your individual needs, family dynamics, risk tolerance, and timeline, among other factors. We also take into account the present state of the market in our efforts to overlay your aspirations into real-world conditions.

Client Centered

As we proceed, receiving continual input from you and insight into market forces, we maintain scrutiny on your strategy after its implementation to ensure we make necessary investment adjustments to reflect your changing needs and aspirations. During the process and throughout our relationship, we regularly communicate with you; our communication with you includes quarterly performance and year-end tax planning reports.

You always have direct online access to your account information, market commentaries, and investment research reports. We periodically repeat this process to keep your strategy relevant and individualized to your unique outlook, goals, and evolving needs. Along the way, you’re encouraged to contact us with questions or concerns. After all, you are part of our family. And that’s how we build relationships.

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